December 7, 2021
We welcome our newest member to the NYCRA circle: meet CHRISTY JOHNSON, Cancer Survivor and Holistic Health Coach from Santa Barbara, CA. Christy is committed to providing support for woman diagnosed with hormone-receptor positive breast cancer. She empowers them to make choices about their health that feel aligned. She guide them toward discovering what is stopping them from having the health they want and help them get really clear about what they do want; together, we work toward those goals. Check out her video & a short presentation on Dense Breast detection.

The NEW YORK CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE (or NYCRA) is a self-funded (Linkedin Based) independent volunteer group of non-profit foundations/charities, researchers, educators, community leaders and survivors. Under the spirit of collaboration and partnership, we are joined to bring a new level of support to cancer patients, survivors and all those seeking current information about cancer care. We form a unique network of support for one another- while driven to help those who need additional resources, technical updates or empowerment on the road to recovery.

NYCRA's evolution launches our 2021 banner: The Integrative Cancer Resource Society, expanding our connective reach far beyond our New York borders. Through all the states of the continental US and beyond the pond with a growing list of European and Asian countries, we have engaged some of the most impressive minds, perspectives and resources and enjoyed the exchange of vital information that is useful to all. Thanks in part to digital collaboration, these "foreign" connections have always been a part of our cancer crusade, now joining us in what we call "BORDERLESS MEDICINE".

Together, the possibilities are truly endless.


NO POLITICS: We cut through the corporate red tape that tends to limit (and inhibit) most non-profit groups. We do this by simply reaching out, building relationships, extending a hand to help and joining LIKE-MINDS to make things happen.

Our ACTION PLAN includes:
- AWARENESS EFFORTS through public education
- PARTNERSHIPS on joint projects with cancer resources
- OUTREACH WORK to all cancer orgs, resources & survivors
- PUBLISHING cancer care news, articles, videos & book projects
- BUILDING new educational projects & resource groups

If you are a clinical professional, a survivor, a community leader or a caregiver, we want to meet you!

* This is a private group by invitation only. Our moderators reserve the right to flag any uninvited parties in order to keep our group members' privacy and the core theme of our community.


August 29, 2021
Each year, top music performers draw large crowds for the Annual Are You Dense MusicFest to unite the community in celebration of the collective efforts of the foundation to bring awareness about dense breast health concerns. Director and Founder Joe Cappello shares a day of family, fun and fabulous music as part of his amazing service to the world. Are You Dense, Inc., promotes a global mission that combines research and public education on continued advancements in the push to save more lives from dense breast misreadings. Each MusicFest is a fundraiser to keep the torch of advocacy alive as part of breast cancer awareness Live entertainment, a raffle and more. Additional guests are the new partners of the NY Cancer Resource Alliance. Features the musical talents of recording artist Eddie Seville and Blues Hall of Famer Tom "the Suit" Forst. Sunday, August 29, 3-6pm at the Quassy Amusement & Water park, Lakeside Pavillion (2132 Middlebury Rd, Middlebury, CT) - Click for Deets.
April 4, 2021
The Integrative Cancer Resource Alliance launches the first virtual town-hall style video meeting called The 2021 Cancer PowerMeet series. This interactive event is part of a set of panel-driven meetings covering the topics of OCCUPATIONAL TOXIC EXPOSURES and SURVIVORSHIP AFTER THE JOB - with a list of prominent guests from the Medical and First Responders' communities. Headliners for this event include nationally recognized spokesman for fire safety and fire rescue veteran from the 1975 NY Tel Fire & 9/11 DAN NOONAN. Alongside Mr. Noonan is 35+ year cancer medical imaging professor DR. ROBERT BARD (NYC) + associate director of the First Responders Cancer Resource Group and active duty responder in 9/11 Sal Banchitta. Together, they all share their powerful experiences about notable disasters in history, answering targeted questions from a panel of top members in the cancer care community steering public awareness and education about prevention and early detection as part of I.C.R.A.'s "Get Checked Now!" program. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)


July 13, 2020
A survey of recent med-school graduates (of 2020), recently certified Emergency Responders and front-line recruits from New York nursing programs stamps a distinctly future-bound vision for diagnostic methodologies and treatment protocols. "This is a generation that did not experience life without the internet or the smart phone", and whose views of patient care is most often fast-tracked by current innovations and sustainable alternatives that boldly paved the road to our "new normal". This same generation that defines the future of medicine makes the advancement of PORTABLE ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY a timely upgrade in our medical diagnostic community. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

March 31, 2020
It is commonly observed that surgeons are increasingly using minimally invasive procedures. Whether it's robotic or video assisted surgeries, we can identify the pattern of new treatment protocols to result in higher quality of life and a reduction in toxicity. In doing so, it allows us, in some cases, to actually improve survival through those same methods of reducing toxicities for patients. According to Dr. Charles B. Simone II, Chief Medical Officer of the New York Proton Center, “We’re going to see more and more customized treatment; it's not a one size fits all approach to cancer. We are going to have individualized ways to deliver radiation therapy, individualized drugs or immune agents—and then, potentially more synergy between modalities such as radiation with systemic therapies.” (SEE ARTICLE LINK)
March 30, 2020

Dr. Stephen Chagares is a board certified general and breast surgeon in Monmoth Cty, NJ. He stays above the technology curve with patient care (not just by being a pioneer in the U.S. for conducting the first robotic mastectomy but by using TeleMedicine even before the Covid-19 Pandemic. "Some of the examples of TeleMedicine that have been very useful are in the elderly population. Many of them have never used the video function on their phones. And we, as my office helped them learn how to use that function, either bring an app onto the phone or using an indwelling app like FaceTime, and show the patient how easy it is to use it. Many times the first time I click on with the patient, I will implant them onto the video conference. I'll tell them to hit the accept button on the bottom right, and they hit it". (SEE ARTICLE LINK)
March 25, 2020

One of the current updates in patient care is the advancement of TELEMEDICINE. Thanks to the expansion of our web-based means of communication, doctors and patients are now able to convert the standard office visit to a virtual consultation or a remote, face-to-digital face exchange. Patients enjoy the benefits of the complete elimination of costly travel time and the potential viral exposure of sitting in a busy waiting room. By definition, TeleMedicine is the implementing of any health-related services and information through the use of electronic and telecommunication technologies. It allows for REMOTE patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.(SEE ARTICLE LINK)

March 10, 2020

Today's engineering and medical technology (from the late 1980s) show significant evidence of ethical standards and major consideration for patient response. Ethics in treatment engineering covers all angles considered about the innovation including: the way it is built, the materials applied, the engagement of the operator and the aftermath of the patient.. “Historically, radiation CAUSED cancer, but that's because you didn't have precision then. You were basically irradiating healthy tissue. That's what you want to avoid at all costs. So the more precise you can be, the better - and we (Accuray) pride ourselves on exquisite and unparalleled precision,” says Ms. Fleurent. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)
March 7, 2020

Alliances continue to form between philanthropic orgs and charitable foundations across the globe to undertake some of the most prominent missions in the never-ending battle against cancer. A stylishly memorable community group called MOVEMBER (crafted around growing moustaches to support fundraising for men's health) became NYCRA's most recent ally. Greg Oliva (Community Development mgr) joined NYCRA's online community in February, 2020 and has since been an active participant and supporter of our First Responders Cancer Resource and has also joined Dr. Bard's educational program for Prostate and Testicular Cancer diagnostics. Movember uses donations to invest quickly in innovative projects across the world. True North Prostate Cancer A revolutionary project that helps men living with prostate cancer find better support and care, from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and beyond. True North operates across 6 countries with a team of more than 80 collaborators. True North Testicular Cancer An innovative digital resource that not only provides men with useful information and advice about testicular cancer, but also connects them with a supportive community of others who have experienced (or are experiencing) a similar journey. (SEE PROSTATESCAN PROJECT)
March 9, 2020

The initial success achieved by all researchers during this time have set the stage for the main development of T-cell therapies for cancer. According to Dr. Hasan, "what we've been able to do right so far with T-cell therapies is cancer antigens that are ubiquitously or constantly expressed on the surface of the cell. However, the bulk of cancer associated antigens present on solid tumors are in fact intra-cellular, and not easily targeted. They cannot be targeted with the CAR-T that have been approved thus far. Therefore, T-cells engineered to express TCRs are attractive as a therapeutic approach because they are able to target intra-cellular antigens associated with tumor cells. Meanwhile the issue still remains that (so far) we have not been able to attack, cure or get to a good efficacy with solid tumors. Cancer cells typically have a very thick or dense conglomeration of tumor cells that are embedded within a very immune inhibitory micro-environment with very little blood supply... cells within the tumor actively inhibit the activity of T-cells. So a lot of our efforts at the moment are focused on the issue of the tumor micro-environment and how to target solid tumors with T-cells to make them more effective.". (SEE ARTICLE LINK)
February 24, 2020
DOCTOR SHOPPING 101 - by Sally Kalksma

People will test drive several cars, sample multiple paint colors on their living room wall, even try different hairstylists in a 10-mile radius before finding their perfect match, but people just won’t go through all that research and time to find the right doctor! I just can't understand why some people will take the tie to research what type of weed wacker to buy, but then just listen to the first doctor they talk to when they find out they have a serious illness. How does this make any sense? The first vacuum we see could have the worst suction power or shortest cord. We've got to shop around, yes, even for doctors. The first thing I did when a general oncologist diagnosed me with Multiple Myeloma 12 years ago was research. Research on the type of cancer I had, the different treatment plans available, and who the best Multiple Myeloma specialists in the world were. There is a reason why there is some saying that goes “reading is power”. As a good rule of thumb, it is ideal to get at least three opinions before settling on a doctor and treatment plan.(SEE ARTICLE LINK)
February 21, 2020

For many diagnostic applications, the real-time scanning ability of VASCULAR ULTRASOUND has greatly advanced the way injuries are read, identified and managed. Vascular ultrasound uses sound waves to evaluate the body's circulatory system. It also helps identify blockages in the arteries and veins and detect blood clots. This innovation is not radiation based, leaving no harmful side effects and out-performs many of today’s current counterparts including accuracy in scanning soft tissues that does not appear in x-rays. BLOOD FLOW technology is the “diagnostician’s storyteller”. It allows you to see which part of the skin is alive by the indication of active blood flow through the area- versus the skin that is dead or dying with no blood flow. In cases of burns, the margin of injury can extend once the burn has been completely cooled down. Since vascular ultrasound is safe sound waves, you can conduct frequent scans to monitor healing and progress every hour/every day until resolution. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Dec. 22, 2019

Since the advent of radiation therapy (and the invention of the x-ray) over a century ago, the noninvasive treatment approach of radiotherapy continues to be recognized as one of the most forward-thinking technologies in the pursuit of targeting cancer tumors. The CyberKnife® Robotic RadioSurgery System represents the latest performance innovation in this modality for treating benign and malignant tumors as well as other chronic disorders. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Nov. 13, 2019
Community Leadership Power Meeting for First Responders Health Concerns- PILOT POWER-LUNCHEON MEETING #1

marked the first coordinated assembly of community-minded New Yorkers brought together to discuss the major concerns relating to public health and wellness among first responders. This conference pilot was produced by the NY Cancer Resource Alliance or NYCRA (a health education-based LINKEDIN group) and sponsored by AngioFoundation director Dr. Robert L. Bard. Other main guests included Director of Medical Operations /NY State Trooper Surgeons PBA MICHAEL BROOKS (Albany, NY) and Mrs. Mary Paterson, supporter of NY rescuers and wife of the 55th NYS Governor David Paterson. Both were invited because of their state government perspectives which opened wider insight and resource information about healthcare challenges of state and city government safety workers. The next speaker was celebrity wellness author and producer CAROL ALT who graced the discussion with her vast experience in Prevention and Early Detection alongside her life-long support for the FDNY. Meanwhile, on the healthcare side was leading cancer diagnostic specialist DR. ROBERT BARD, NYCRA mental health advisor JESSICA GLYNN, LCSW and physician DR. GEORGE LIAKEAS (provider of IvyGene cancer blood testing in NYC)- chosen for their clinical perspectives on clinical matters. Together, they formed the first Round Table Leadership Collaboration group. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Oct. 12, 2019

Survivor Michael Singer (L) gives appreciation to Mathew Knowles (R) at Dr. Oz show for going public with his breast cancer for global awareness. Recent data reflecting actual cases about male breast cancer has finally reached the tipping point in the visibility scale as more news coverage from advocacy groups and victims finally ‘going public’ have filled the media. Thanks to survivors like Mathew Knowles (music producer and father of Beyoncé) who elected to publicize his breast cancer significantly contributed to public awareness, identifying this issue as a serious threat to public health. “One of our main objectives at the Male Breast Cancer Coalition is to publish all survivor stories to alert the men at large that this is not a cancer to ignore… it’s not so RARE or IMPOSSIBLE to contact,” states Cheri Ambrose, president. “Learning about Mr. Knowles’ story from the newspapers and Good Morning America, and then sharing airtime with him at Dr. Oz was such a powerful sign of support to our advocacy mission because he elected to use his own story and his celebrity to get people to pay attention. This is the kind of generosity that can truly save a lot of lives just on pure awareness alone!” (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

EVERYONE... "GET CHECKED NOW!" Spread the smart message of vigilance, proactivity and survivorship. Awareness about PREVENTION and EARLY DETECTION is a major 'weapon' in the battle against cancer. For survivors, GET CHECKED NOW is also about Recurrence Prevention and Remission Control. And for all friends, family and loved ones- we are driven to keep each other on the "shiny side of the grass" by outsmarting cancer in every way possible.

In my tenure as one of the founding directors of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, I have met so many brave and inspiring men who have come forward about this plaguing disease. Against the odds, they stepped up to get a complete diagosis, underwent the process of cancer treatment and are still with us today- walking this earth to spread the word to others about how REAL Male Breast Cancer truly is! Recently, I have met a growing number of FIREFIGHTERS in our area who fell prey to this disorder. As OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS go, first responders carry some of the highest risk for cancers due to the exposure to some of the most horrible toxins. But the real danger is the stigma about getting Breast Cancer that keeps them from getting checkups. Thanks to NYCRA's "Get Checked Now" campaign, more and more are getting our message on time to address the cancer, and to stay vigilant about EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION about this cancer and all other cancers that threaten our lives.

--Cheri Ambrose, &

NYCRA is a volutneer union of caregivers, educators, clinical professionals and survivors-turned-crusaders. One of our most powerful tools to help victims fight (and beat) cancer is AWARENESS. The medical partners and public advocates of NYCRA in conjunction with Awareness for a Cure and a list of cancer foundations offers some of the most enlightening and compassionate volunteer speakers to conduct presentations about public health awareness to bring comprehensive cancer education to large community groups & private orgs. We have some of the most recognized and dynamic coaches and speakers dedicated to bringing better understanding about cancer to all New Yorkers. Our seminars cover a wide variety of useful topics, current statistics, resources and the latest innovations. For more info. on our traveling speaker series or to inquire about booking an event, contact us at:

(Top video: courtesy of and Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Bottom Video: Courtesy of Dr. Noelle Cutter)

DR. NOELLE CUTTERAssociate Professor at Molloy College Director/ Cancer Researcher
"My advocacy primarily is centered on education and raising public awareness for this disease and better choices patients/families can make. I work with primarily #undergraduate students and help them find their own voice in #advocacy and disseminating science #research to the public."
"I am so proud to meet the growing list of our new members... truly the salt of the earth and some of the most remarkable people doing incredible work. I personally have grown exponentially as a professional thanks to the joint efforts with folks like you all... let's all stay in the fight!"
TAMARA J GREEN, LCSW, Psychotherapist
"Happy to be a part of this great group! "We created the Loving Meditations APP (Stress Management programs) that assist cancer patients, caregivers and survivors to dramatically reduce anxiety, pain and discomfort. ... I feel honored to share the benefits and tools of Mind Body Practices with all cancer support groups and hospitals."


. REBECCA PINE: Grief Transformation Guide, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker -
"I lead workshops, primarily for breast cancer survivors, focusing on the inner healing process: self acceptance, reclaiming a sense of wholeness, and transformation. I love to incorporate nature, mindfulness, and creativity. Here is a video that shows a workshop series I'm doing combining art and nature for Westmed Medical Group in Rye"
President/CEO of "My simple and profound wish is that no one will ever go through cancer alone. I want every man, woman, teenager, and child who has to ‘walk the walk’ to have a hand to hold from someone who has been there, who understands the cancer mystery, and who will hang in there when times are tough..."
see complete feature biography on Nancy
JENNIFER HUNT, Survivor & Chief fundraiser for "Fight Like a Girl" cancer charity organization. "Today, so many people have heard of our group whenever someone in our town that we know gets breast cancer. Our group brings support by getting together with anyone diagnosed-- and we’d share our experiences with breast cancer as far as what we've all been through and what we chose to do. That kind of support really eases people's minds."
JOHN FEAL, Cancer Care Advocate for all 9/11 Responders and Survivors
"It's an honor to be part of such a powerful list of heroes. My mission to bring support to the many victims of 9/11 extends to the new wave of cancer claims that continues to plague the many who were part of the tragedy. My many heart-felt thanks to our supporters. It's support from groups like this that make battling adversity and challenge truly worthwhile!"
December 27, 2018- In July 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature enacted the Compassionate Care Act to provide a comprehensive, safe and effective medical marijuana program that meets the needs of New Yorkers.  According to the NYS Dept. of Health, medical marijuana is available in New York for patients with the following severe debilitating or life threatening conditions: cancer, HIV infection or AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, neuropathies, Huntington's disease, chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and as a replacement to prescription opioids. see complete article. Also see Dr. T. O'Brien's article on "Considering CBD/THC Treatment

Spring 2019- Airtime at WBAB
Mar 7, 2019- WBAB/WBLI Presents Plugged into Long Island- welcoming Dr. Andrew Rochman and awareness teammate, Jennifer Hunt of LI2DAY and Fight Cancer Like a Girl. Get to know the heart and soul behind two of Long Island's supporters of the care-giving community as they share their vision for patient advocacy, foundation support and all local fundraising efforts. Dr. Rochman shares his personal journey as a Prostate Cancer survivor and converted his survivorship by joining the awareness mission to support all sufferers and patients.
From the July 24th article at, Allergan's textured breast implants have been at the center of an escalating safety scandal in recent months. Health Canada and its French counterpart ordered the removal of the drugmaker's Biocell implants from their respective markets earlier this year after analyzing cases of BIA-ALCL. Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration recently proposed a ban on the devices, too, with Wednesday being the deadline for Allergan to respond before regulators make a final decision. (See MedtechDive for complete article)

April 19, 2019, Dix Hills, NY- Stem Cell Specialist Dr. Andrew J. Rochman test-drove a new and growing trend in private seminars and clinical public speaking. Where doctors have often led to present on stage at medical conferences, trade shows and health and wellness expos, a new face in info-sharing presentation is sweeping the community of would-be patients in the most enjoyable and effective setting.

"Think about combining the classic Tupperware party with a post-college curriculum", starts education strategist Carmen R. DeWitt of Modern Pain Relief. "All you need is someone's large living room, an oversized TV (which is in practically every home in America by now) for the powerpoint, an engaging speaker about a topic like Stem Cell Therapy and a small spread of snacks and you've got yourself a cozy & dynamic medical seminar complete with a highly connective all-you-can-learn Q&A that outperforms any classroom setting! (See complete article in Journal of Modern Healing)

5/10/2018, NYC- THE LOTOS CLUB hosted the first educational presentatrion of AWARENESS FOR A CURE's "PREVENTION & EARLY DETECTION" which included Dr. Robert Bard and guest speaker Dr. Art Bartunek (nutrition expert) for a public health & awareness discussion. This is also the first meeting for the NY CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE members to discuss interactive education about all current cancer topics to community groups & organizations where recognized cancer professionals and medical experts can speak openly and directly with the public as a media prototype and a program for nationwide access. "Our allies from NYCRA collaborated on the many possible ways that we can bring continued awareness to the public about current options for all patients...", says the group's medical community advisor, Dr. Jesse Stoff. "...we hope to bring speakers from all walks of the cancer support community to represent their mission and share their perspectives -- from medical directors to alternative & holistic professionals, nutritionists, professors, cancer coaches, research labs, scientific analysts to the cancer foundations and fundraisers... the topics are endless and so is the work that goes behind the community of professionals on the front lines of battling cancer." See complete article

NYCRA is a group of professionals who are committed to helping others in the fight against cancer! From saving lives to creating valuable information to building and growing charities that bring true support to others, NYCRA is a special network of compassionate and courageous crusaders. REFER A FELLOW CANCER FIGHTER with the "INVITE OTHERS" button!

There are many ways to provide support and care & NYCRA members do it every day! Some are in the clinical front lines of treating cancer patients while others bring aid to the suffering through an expanded list of public support. Meet our fellow members and ask them questions about their work. It's the greatest way to learn just how wide the world of care truly is!

"Only together can we truly succeed" is our founder's networking motto. NYCRA bridges many new relationships which has the potential to become life-long friends, collaborative partners or referral connections. Our unique society of caregivers thrives on new information, awareness and partnerships with experts- which makes people-connecting a vital part of our professional existence! MEET THE GROWING FAMILY OF NYCRA!


IF YOU ARE A CANCER-RELATED PROFESSIONAL AND WISH TO JOIN OUR GROUP, please drop us a line at: AWARENESS4ACURE@GMAIL.COM and send us any information about you and your life's mission.



As with all social media groups, The New York Cancer Resource Alliance was created with the hopes of providing better connectivity with colleages and exclusively selected members with similar common interests in the cancer community or have chosen to pursue care-giving work in this field. From medical doctors to survivors, book publishers to cancer coaches, fundraisers and advocates and the many other roles in between, our founders established this group to help unite this special community through the benefits of digital media and grow lasting relationships going forward.

Through the spirit of networking, NYCRA allows for easier introductions, safer and healthier connecting through a more efficient use of the existing social & digital media. This media is also a highly-useful platform for for information sharing of educational or news material.

The world of cancer care is comprised of some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals who committed much (if not most) of their lives into the pursuits of helping others. To truly get in the fight, there is no better way than to bond with colleagues and gain the support of our fellow do-gooders. AFAC and NYCRA has been established to bring support to the existing resources (that's YOU) in the form of increasing your web visibility, new exposure to your events or article posts and grow your alliance.

There's no denying that the internet brings the world closer! But unlike other websites, LINKEDIN is a special vibe over others because everyone here is a professional. That's the spirit of networking in action. You may find corporate owners, medical directors and others who have decision making power to help others (including fundraising orgs). This is just one of the ways that AFAC helps to bring visibility to our cancer related friends.

Once you have joined the group, the FORUM allows for easy POSTING of blog articles, links to interesting websites, videos or announcements... information that helps enrich others. Please start by reading the GROUP RULES. We respect the privacy and expectations of our many members and in order to get the best experience, we need to ensure that our group website is COMMERCIAL-FREE from solicitors and spammers. Because of this, we have a MODERATOR reviewing all posts & member applicants with the ability to flag any solicitous marketing posts that may otherwise be deemed "self-serving".

If you're a new member, WELCOME! We invite you to post a non-sales'y introduction of yourself to everyone in our home page and let people know who you are. We suggest to start your first post as a BRIEF intro of 100 words. Keep it about YOU and not as much about your work or service- that can happen later. As members of the cancer community, all members are compassionate to the cause and is a great place to build new connections based on your personal mission. Your intro should reflect this.

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