The New York Cancer Resource Alliance is a privately managed Linkedin-based private group of cancer related professionals produced by ‘Awareness for a Cure’. We are comprised of dedicated healthcare providers, researchers, educators, foundations and advocates who are committed to bringing community support and care to cancer patients and survivors everywhere. Together, we form a network of caregivers joined to establish a support system for one another in the battle against cancer.


CONTENT SUBMISSIONS: All submissions will be moderated and filtered by our manager(s). To be approved, all postings must be appropriate to the natures of educational, insightful editorial or a helpful resource to others. All submissions must fall under the guidelines of SHARING INSIGHTFUL INFORMATION ABOUT CANCER CARE or the CANCER HEALING ARTS.

1) YOUR FIRST POST- THE INTRO: Your first post should be no more than 150 words. No links allowed out of this page. We encourage all members to read about you as a person, a professional and your thoughts about PEOPLE CARE or the HEALING ARTS.

2) ARTICLE/BLOG POSTS: you can post original articles or articles that you find pertinent to pain. If you are sharing someone else's article, you must FIRST write an intro (50 words or less) about that article so there is some relevance between you and that article- and not just copy/paste a link.

3) SELF-PROMOTION: Please do not put marketing posts about your practice in the DISCUSSION page. If you wish to post a promotion, let us know by starting the headline with PROMOTION: and we will place this in the PROMOTIONS page upon our discretion.

DECLINED POSTS: Any and all marketing posts selling products are strictly prohibited. Editorialism, complaints or rants about members are not considered proper discussion. Issues with the group or members should be taken up privately with management and not posted as public discussion. Issues with another member, about Linkedin, about anything other than our charter topics are accepted. We welcome rants and discussions about technology, the cancer-care industries, FDA or anything pertinent to the world of cancer care, either academic, political or professional. Any and all postings non-related to healing arts or the medical industry in some way will be excluded or deleted at the discretion of NYCRA manager(s). Over-posting will also be subject to moderation and is subject to deletion as this is an act of commercializing or blog-hording and may also result in suspension of membership.
NYCRA and its managers reserve the right to reject submissions and decline membership requests or remove members upon discretion.

PRIMARY MEMBERSHIP: NYCRA application is toward a professional group open to everyone in the New York/Northeast area who is in the healing arts, charity (nfp) humanitarian or public education/awareness and does not discriminate persons based on gender, creed, nationality or other personal means. Acceptance of membership is based on their relevance to professional healing practices and/or community merit. Members must possess professional status in the CANCER CARE-GIVING INDUSTRY or healing arts or has evidence of educational public writing capacity in the study of cancer care-giving issues. Support, marketing staff or office assistants of the care giver does not qualify nor are accepted as members of NYCRA.

SECONDARY LEVEL MEMBERSHIP: Upon the discretion of our managers is to those who work in professions that deal with persons' pain (nursing home agents, pharmacists, non-profit agents who support CANCER-related maladies or debilitating diseases.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: Members must have a LinkedIn account with a completed bio with personal contact information, a true and full identity (including photo) identifying your profession to be related to the care-giving industry in some way. MYCRA managers hold the right to select, decline or withdraw membership to the NYCRA group including professional exceptions or non-professional exception should we see suitable.

CONDUCT: This community will not tolerate self-serving or any negative behavior upon others and will result in deletion of your submission and/or a cancellation of your membership. Behavior semblance to negative, hostile, provoking or harmful in nature shall not be tolerated and shall immediately result in membership cancellation.

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