We welcome the wisdom and knowledge imparted by our many Cancer Resource members and in this section, we wish to promote their published work. Please check out their other works through the links enclosed. If you are interested in purchasing a sponsored book spotlight on this page, contact publisher@nycralliance.org


Medical Edition- By: Dr. Jesse A. Stoff

This groundbreaking approach for treating cancer patients through the support of the immune system pays homage to the complexity of the human body and recognizes that no two cancer patients are alike, either in the underlying causes of the disease or in therapeutic treatment. It is the first text of its' kind where THE STOFF PROTOCOL of treatment brilliantly gets to the root of the problem! Once the underlying cause of the disease has been identified and reversed, the patient stands a good chance of going into remission or at least finding dramatic improvement in quality and quantity of life... Dr. Stoff leads the way toward a new healing system that's more clinically effective, more humane, and more cost effective. (more)



By: Dr. Robert L. Bard

Readers will find Dr. Robert Bard's comprehensive text most reassuring over their prostate health concerns thanks to a clear breakdown of the examination and the hopes of avoiding unnecessary biopsies. Vivid illustrations graphically depict the application of advanced image guided treatment options of the 21st century. Over the past decade, pre-malignant conditions have been described leading to an extremely active search for genomic signatures of prostate cell transformation. The diagnosis of prostate cancer has also become more sophisticated with the introduction and use of 3D/4D Doppler Ultrasound imaging that could now predict an individual’s tumor aggressiveness and more personalized tailored therapeutic strategies.. (more)


By: David Dachinger & Tamara Green, LCSW

David and Tamara are the co-founders of Loving Meditations. David is a survivor of stage IV head, neck, and lymphatic cancer. Tamara is an author, speaker, and trainer whom Elle magazine referred to as “the soul-centered psychotherapist and meditation facilitator.” Tamara combines her many years of professional training and her life experience as a caregiver to create powerfully effective guided meditations that have helped thousands to achieve peace, love, and well-being. Together, this married couple has created transformative mindfulness programs that help patients and caregivers to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and discomfort throughout their medical ordeal. (more)


By Sylvie Beljanski

A new breakthrough book, revealing a true story about natural medical research that is astonishing and compelling and a critical book to read if you know anyone with cancer. When a new, natural & non-toxic way to address cancer is being discovered, it is a game changer that does not go unnoticed by the scientific community... and is fiercely opposed by prominent scientists with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry and the might of the government is called upon to perpetuate a model as a result of which we keep losing the war on cancer. “Winning the War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure” outlines Sylvie's journey of defiance, hope, despair, personal growth, love ... and the true story of the discovery of a new, and promising, approach to the treatment of cancer. (more)


• Career After Cancer - How to Be "Work Ready" After Cancer -Feb 2017
by: Lisa Vento Nielsen (Author)

• Navigating the C: A Nurse Charts the Course for Cancer Survivorship Care – January 8, 2018
by Alene Nitzky Ph.D. (Author)

• Exercises for Cancer Survivors - Nov 25, 2013
by Carol Michaels (Friesen Press)

• Cancer is a Gift: Awakening from the Illusion: A new paradigm in healing cancer – July 1, 2015
by Yvette van Boven (Author)

• The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure -Feb 2017
by Annie Brandt (Author)

TERESA LEVITCH, Freelance Writer at Cancer Normal-
"Proud to be included in this group! I am a writer and cancer survivor advocate working to help survivors transition from treatment to their ”New” normal by bringing awareness to the medical long-term effects of treatment, emotional support, and resources."
"I am so proud to meet the growing list of our new members... truly the salt of the earth and some of the most remarkable people doing incredible work. I personally have grown exponentially as a professional thanks to the joint efforts with folks like you all... let's all stay in the fight!" -www.imofny.com
TAMARA J GREEN, LCSW, Psychotherapist
"Happy to be a part of this great group! "We created the Loving Meditations APP (Stress Management programs) that assist cancer patients, caregivers and survivors to dramatically reduce anxiety, pain and discomfort. ... I feel honored to share the benefits and tools of Mind Body Practices with all cancer support groups and hospitals." www.lovingmeditations.com


"Looking forward to connecting with everyone!
We have been helping cancer survivors improve their recovery for over 20 years, and hold cancer exercise programs in NJ. My book, Exercises for Cancer Survivors and videos were created for those that do not have access to a cancer exercise program. I am a speaker for corporate wellness and fitness organizations-"
JENNIFER HUNT, Survivor & Chief fundraiser for "Fight Like a Girl" cancer charity organization. "Today, so many people have heard of our group whenever someone in our town that we know gets breast cancer. Our group brings support by getting together with anyone diagnosed-- and we’d share our experiences with breast cancer as far as what we've all been through and what we chose to do. That kind of support really eases people's minds."
JOHN FEAL, Cancer Care Advocate for all 9/11 Responders and Survivors
"It's an honor to be part of such a powerful list of heroes. My mission to bring support to the many victims of 9/11 extends to the new wave of cancer claims that continues to plague the many who were part of the tragedy. My many heart-felt thanks to our supporters. It's support from groups like this that make battling adversity and challenge truly worthwhile!" www.fealgoodfoundation.com
. REBECCA PINE: Grief Transformation Guide, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker -
"I lead workshops, primarily for breast cancer survivors, focusing on the inner healing process: self acceptance, reclaiming a sense of wholeness, and transformation. I love to incorporate nature, mindfulness, and creativity. Here is a video that shows a workshop series I'm doing combining art and nature for Westmed Medical Group in Rye" www.rebeccapine.com
The New York Cancer Resource Alliance is a privately managed Linkedin-based private group of cancer related professionals produced by ‘Awareness for a Cure’. We are comprised of dedicated healthcare providers, researchers, educators, foundations and advocates who are committed to bringing community support and care to cancer patients and survivors everywhere. Together, we form a network of caregivers joined to establish a support system for one another.

5/10/2018, NYC- THE LOTOS CLUB hosted the first educational presentatrion of AWARENESS FOR A CURE's "PREVENTION & EARLY DETECTION" which included Dr. Robert Bard and guest speaker Dr. Art Bartunek (nutrition expert) for a public health & awareness discussion. This is also the first meeting for the NY CANCER RESOURCE ALLIANCE members to discuss interactive education about all current cancer topics to community groups & organizations where recognized cancer professionals and medical experts can speak openly and directly with the public as a media prototype and a program for nationwide access. "Our allies from NYCRA collaborated on the many possible ways that we can bring continued awareness to the public about current options for all patients...", says the group's medical community advisor, Dr. Jesse Stoff. "...we hope to bring speakers from all walks of the cancer support community to represent their mission and share their perspectives -- from medical directors to alternative & holistic professionals, nutritionists, professors, cancer coaches, research labs, scientific analysts to the cancer foundations and fundraisers... the topics are endless and so is the work that goes behind the community of professionals on the front lines of battling cancer." See complete article

NYCRA is a group of professionals who are committed to helping others in the fight against cancer! From saving lives to creating valuable information to building and growing charities that bring true support to others, NYCRA is a special network of compassionate and courageous crusaders. REFER A FELLOW CANCER FIGHTER with the "INVITE OTHERS" button!

There are many ways to provide support and care & NYCRA members do it every day! Some are in the clinical front lines of treating cancer patients while others bring aid to the suffering through an expanded list of public support. Meet our fellow members and ask them questions about their work. It's the greatest way to learn just how wide the world of care truly is!

"Only together can we truly succeed" is our founder's networking motto. NYCRA bridges many new relationships which has the potential to become life-long friends, collaborative partners or referral connections. Our unique society of caregivers thrives on new information, awareness and partnerships with experts- which makes people-connecting a vital part of our professional existence! MEET THE GROWING FAMILY OF NYCRA!


IF YOU ARE A CANCER-RELATED PROFESSIONAL AND WISH TO JOIN OUR GROUP, please drop us a line at: AWARENESS4ACURE@GMAIL.COM and send us any information about you and your life's mission.



As with all social media groups, The New York Cancer Resource Alliance was created with the hopes of providing better connectivity with colleages and exclusively selected members with similar common interests in the cancer community or have chosen to pursue care-giving work in this field. From medical doctors to survivors, book publishers to cancer coaches, fundraisers and advocates and the many other roles in between, our founders established this group to help unite this special community through the benefits of digital media and grow lasting relationships going forward.

Through the spirit of networking, NYCRA allows for easier introductions, safer and healthier connecting through a more efficient use of the existing social & digital media. This media is also a highly-useful platform for for information sharing of educational or news material.

The world of cancer care is comprised of some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals who committed much (if not most) of their lives into the pursuits of helping others. To truly get in the fight, there is no better way than to bond with colleagues and gain the support of our fellow do-gooders. AFAC and NYCRA has been established to bring support to the existing resources (that's YOU) in the form of increasing your web visibility, new exposure to your events or article posts and grow your alliance.

There's no denying that the internet brings the world closer! But unlike other websites, LINKEDIN is a special vibe over others because everyone here is a professional. That's the spirit of networking in action. You may find corporate owners, medical directors and others who have decision making power to help others (including fundraising orgs). This is just one of the ways that AFAC helps to bring visibility to our cancer related friends.

Once you have joined the group, the FORUM allows for easy POSTING of blog articles, links to interesting websites, videos or announcements... information that helps enrich others. Please start by reading the GROUP RULES. We respect the privacy and expectations of our many members and in order to get the best experience, we need to ensure that our group website is COMMERCIAL-FREE from solicitors and spammers. Because of this, we have a MODERATOR reviewing all posts & member applicants with the ability to flag any solicitous marketing posts that may otherwise be deemed "self-serving".

If you're a new member, WELCOME! We invite you to post a non-sales'y introduction of yourself to everyone in our home page and let people know who you are. We suggest to start your first post as a BRIEF intro of 100 words. Keep it about YOU and not as much about your work or service- that can happen later. As members of the cancer community, all members are compassionate to the cause and is a great place to build new connections based on your personal mission. Your intro should reflect this.

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